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Jan Rakoff, LCSW

San Diego Therapist & Counselor

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Jan Rakoff, LCSW

35+ Years of Experience · Highly Skilled

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Individuals, Couples, Families

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Couples Therapy

As a couples San Diego counselor with over 36 years experience, I teach partners how to communicate more effectively, increase their sensitivity to each other's differences, decrease their mutual resentment and learn to rebuild intimacy.

Individual Therapy

This is an opportunity to talk with an objective listener and a professional San Diego counselor. I can help with feelings of anger, depression or anxiety. These issues can be resolved in individual therapy enabling you to have more control of your life.

Family Therapy

As a type of Psychotherapy, Family Therapy aims to bring the family together into a single, safe environment, whereby each member may freely speak about his/her issues in a collective and supportive environment.

How Therapy Works

Together as a team we will help you identify problems and create new responses to help you feel better. This process improves your relationships, increases clarity in your thinking and decreases emotional pain.

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About Jan

I am a counselor in San Diego. I am a warm, responsive person who creates an environment of trust, safety and mutual respect. My life experience of marriage and raising children as well as three decades of clinical experience has absolutely enabled me to help people with life’s challenges in a team based partnership. I have the knowledge and practical experience to guide you through the therapeutic process. Together we will explore how you can take charge of your life and get it back on track in open and relaxed counseling sessions.
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Jan Rakoff, LCSW
San Diego Therapist Counselor